How I Never Missed A Show at Fashion Week with CLUSE Watches

On time and on trend at MBFWA...

There's nothing more essential for fashion week than a quality timepiece to keep you on schedule. During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, I was attending up to 8 shows each day, catching about 25 Ubers, as well as photographing, editing and posting content for my blog - AND somehow managing to eat (seriously why there is no food at Carriageworks is BEYOND ME) and sleep (does 2 hours count?). So stay tuned for an influx of #MBFWA posts up in here!

But in all honesty, I would have been lost without my CLUSE watch. This baby is the perfect shade of grey - it goes with everything. I already have a few black watches (surprise, surprise) so I thought it was about time I tried something a little different. Made with care and impeccable quality in Amsterdam, CLUSE watches are designed with elegance and minimalism in mind. Their 'La Bohème' style features a 38mm diameter (I love an oversized face) with a sleek white face and silver casing. However, the straps are interchangeable (genius) so you can easily personalise your watch! You can also choose between silver, gold or rose gold casings, silver or gold mesh straps and black or white faces. The possibilities are endless. Light grey leather was my selection for fashion week - complementing every outfit so effortlessly. 

I wore it with a khaki green dress and blue leather jacket, a silver slip dress with a white button-up shirt underneath and a black skirt, white shirt and powder blue coat combo. Seriously versatile, this watch is practical and lightweight but feels expensive. It kept me on time for all my flights, shows, presentations and meetings. 

People sometimes ask why wear a watch when you can view the time on your phone. My answer is twofold. You never know whose battery is dead at fashion week (I mean whose isn't...) - the editor of Vogue might just ask you for the time! Do you really want to be scrambling around to find your phone or would you rather steal a quick glance at a stylish timepiece? Secondly, a watch is a statement accessory. It stands out just like a handbag and sunglasses, speaking for itself. When you buy a handbag or sunglasses, you want to choose quality classics - and the same goes for watches. Especially when travelling - one great watch is all you need.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with CLUSE Watches.


  1. Babe!!! Totally agree!! You are always impeccably dressed and love all the different looks you wore!!! The one outside your shirt!!!! Xxx lots of love Ash

    1. thank you beautiful!!! so happy we met :) xx



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