Starry-Eyed in London Town

This little Aussie has finally made it to the UK!

I've officially touched down in London after a heck of a long flight (actually 2 flights) which consisted of the usual plane-related phenomena - crying baby, snoring Sam and two middle aged couples who befriended each other and proceeded to detail (loudly) their life stories for 12 odd hours... 

Up-in-the-air antics aside, I managed to drag my sleep-deprived self out of Heathrow and meet my big brother who kindly helped me get all my luggage through the tube and to his apartment safe and sound. To be honest it didn't feel like I was really here until I exited the tube station and immediately saw one of the famous red telephone boxes and a big red double-decker bus rumbling past behind it. Magical!

Alas, I have arrived at what appears to be the best time of year, weather-wise. My first week here pretty much felt like the equivalent of Spring in Australia with the odd chilly breeze. As soon as the sun comes out, the Brits pretty much strip off and head to their nearest park to soak in the precious sunlight while it lasts - which is funny as it doesn't really get above 24 degrees - quite mild for the Summers I'm used to which average in the 30's. 

As such, I've found my go-to British-Summer outfit to consist of a loose fitting dress and ankle boots or sneakers. Breathable enough to keep you cool while walking around the city and enough foot coverage to keep your tootsies happy and warm if a breeze picks up or the sun disappears. Star print is one of the trends I'm absolutely loving at the moment - it adds a little fun but isn't too girly for a black-lover like me. 

I've actually no idea where this handbag came from as it has no label but I discovered it in my wardrobe and thought it was perfect with its zip, flap and shoulder strap - I've been warned many times about the risk of having your bag stolen in London. There's a killer selection of black handbags on Shopbop that will serve you well if you're on the hunt for a stylish, yet secure option like me. Stay tuned for some very tourist-y posts coming your way!

Dress: Beginning Boutique // Boots: Topshop 

Kudos to my big bro for immediately picking up photographer duties - and doing pretty damn well at that!


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