Blush Pink Blazer

How Instagram's favourite colour found it's way into my non-coloured wardrobe...

Surely you've seen the sudden influx of blush pink flooding your feed - from those pretty Acne boxes to that too-perfect bunch of peonies your favourite blogger just bought at the weekend markets (guilty). If not, well then live vicariously through me, friends. I'm a victim of my own social media addiction. Whether it was trend spotting or a result of subliminal messaging, I gave in the minute I saw this blazer. A shock to some maybe, but it's the only pink item in my entire wardrobe. And you know what, I'm really enjoying it!

Truth be told, when I found it online so I could link it in this blog post, it turns out the 'blazer' is actually a dress... that's 2-for-1 value if ever I've seen it! It's definitely a piece I'd encourage my fellow Aussies to invest in as the weather is already starting to turn here in London town. Let's just say I've already put this entire outfit away for a while and have been mentally (and financially) preparing for coat season!

And now we come to the boots... my little velvet babies that I can't stop wearing. I've always loved the contrast of grey and blush pink - even more so when that grey is soft velvet and extremely comfortable! Block heels are a must for the cobble-stoned streets here so it's safe to say I'll be investing in a few different colours of these beauties over the coming months.

Still um-ing and ah-ing about blush pink? Try a furry keychain or a lowkey pair of rose gold sunglasses to ease your way into it. Pair with a neutral wardrobe and IDGAF hair like me... google it, it's a thing :)


  1. Great blazer, love it in pink. The outfit all goes together so well.



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